Business English Brochure [PDF-380kb]

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Advanced business writing skills

  • The style and register of written business English.
  • Writing faxes, emails and memos.
  • Formal and informal letter writing.
  • Report and proposal writing.
  • Writing in plain English.
  • Business vocabulary and grammar.

Presentation skills

  • Planning a presentation.
  • The purpose of a presentation.
  • Holding the audience’s attention.
  • The body of the presentation.
  • Ending the presentation effectively.
  • Inviting and handling discussions and questions.

Report and proposal writing skills

  • Grammar of report writing.
  • Intention, style, tone and register.
  • Appropriacy: Formal versus informal language.
  • Summarising information and using bullet points.
  • Audience awareness.
  • Editing, proof reading and redrafting.

Minute taking in meetings

  • Planning and preparing communications of meetings.
  • Objectives of an agenda.
  • Types and rules of agendas.
  • Valid meeting procedures.
  • Types of minutes.
  • Taking minutes.

Business correspondence 

  • Types of texts.
  • Identifying and collecting information.
  • Composing a text for a particular function: Email, Report, Proposal.
  • Organising and structuring a text for a business function.
  • Presenting written text for a particular function.

Conducting a structured meeting 

  • The Agenda.
  • The Minutes.
  • Taking Minutes.

Plan and prepare meeting communications 

  • Preparing for Meetings.
  • Conduct a Meeting.
  • Differing views.

Presentation Skills 

  • What is a Presentation?
  • Formal / Informal Interviews.
  • Meetings.
  • Discussions.
  • Aids in oral/signed communication.
  • Manipulative use of the language.