Aviation English Testing

International House Johannesburg is recognised by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) as an Aviation English testing centre.

We are the only official testing centre in sub-Saharan Africa for the EALTS test of English for Aviation. The EALTS conforms to all ICAO standards and recommended practices in language proficiency assessments and is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The EALTS test is suitable for experienced flight crew and air traffic controllers and it is internationally recognized by employers, professional registration bodies and national licensing authorities as evidence of attainment of the language proficiency required by ICAO.

Aviation English Training

We provide language tuition for flight crew and air traffic controllers who need to attain ICAO Operational Level 4 but also for those who are already at Operational Level 4 and are aiming to achieve Level 5 or Level 6.

Courses are 6 hours per day Monday through Friday. All courses are 4 weeks in duration. The number of courses needed depends on the student’s level at the start of the course. Generally, flight crew and air traffic controllers who are at Level 3 at the beginning of a course will require two to three months of full-time study; however, this differs from individual to individual.

The daily schedule for Aviation English course generally consists of:

  • 4 hours of General English
  • 1 hours of Aviation English
  • 1 hour of Self-study using Aviation English interactive software

For more details on Aviation English training and testing, or to register to take the Aviation English test, please e-mail aviation@ihjoburg.co.za or phone +27 11 339 1051.